The International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association

Outstanding Investment Opportunity.

Your own internationally accredited Holistic Therapist On-Campus Training Organization.

All set up and ready to begin operation.

In Australia and/or Asia.

Through our IMTTA Intellectual Property Licensing Program, we can provide you with everything you need to start your own profitable and purposeful training organisation. Even all the business mentoring and support you will ever need.

Full set-up investment A$4,800 (ready to go -including a complete, interactive website).

If you can send an email, you can run your own holistic training college.

Everything you need to begin operating almost immediately!


Available areas include:

Queensland (All gone)
New South Wales (All gone)
South Australia (All gone)
Western Australia (All gone)
Victoria (All gone)
Australian Capital Territory (All gone)
Tasmania (one available)
Northern Territory (one available) – Great for outback training retreats no matter where you actually live!

We also offer IP Licenses to people who wish to offer the IMTTA training courses through their own residential training retreat organizations in some other countries, close to but outside of Australia.

People can attend your intensive residential training retreats, wherever they live in the world and go home fully qualified, while you get to have a working holiday in a country you love!

Available areas include: 

Bali (one available)
Thailand (one available)
India (All gone)

Your own Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellors Training College!

  • Start-up investment is $4,800 includes your website completed and your new training organization all set up and ready to operate. Or $4,000 without website (if you already have, or wish to create, your own).
  • Then just $4,000 per year for your IP License plus annual increase of no more than 10% each year (that’s only 4 students per year to pay for your license and you will get three new courses to up-sell your graduates, each year!)
  • Save the time and hassle of setting up your own accredited holistic therapist training college. We have done all the hard yards for you.
  • Fully industry accredited training courses.
  • Begin trading/generating income immediately.
  • Strong brand & website.
  • Deliver high demand training courses face-to-face in a classroom environment anywhere in your own state or territory.
  • NOT a franchise. You will need to pay the annual IP licensing fee, for your course materials but you will own your training organization outright.

This business is modeled on the Inner-Voyage College which has successfully delivered online and on-campus training since 2008. Using the IICT, IMTA and CMA accredited IMTTA Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor Training Courses. 

It includes your own professional, user friendly website with marketing platform and your own domain with email addresses.

It also includes all the ongoing individual support and resources you will need to succeed.

The demand for face-to-face training courses, using this accredited program, is very high. More colleges offering on-campus study options are needed now. 

While online study is certainly growing, the market is still overflowing with people who desire a classroom training experience. Especially with those people who are attracted to studying holistic therapies.

All course syllabus, student resources & teaching materials are provided plus your students will receive a massive and comprehensive practitioner kit to help them succeed in their new careers as Meditation Teachers and Holistic Counsellors.

With a strongly established brand, you have the potential to grow your business, in your own state, very quickly and will even receive a new postgraduate training course, every four months, to up-sell graduates and expand your college, if you desire.

Current Modalities offered:

* Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development

* Diploma in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling

* Advanced Diploma in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling

* Masters in Holistic Counselling 

* 16 specialist Postgraduate Certificate training courses

* 3 new postgraduate training courses added every year.

The Blue Print for Your Training Organization.

This business is modeled on the Inner-Voyage College, based in Australia, which has successfully delivered online and on-campus holistic therapist training courses to thousands of satisfied students over the past nine years.

It includes your own professional, mobile, user friendly website with marketing platform located on your own domain with email addresses. Your website will be fully hosted for you, It even includes ongoing tech support so you don't need to be an IT specialist to run your own training organization. 

You will have access to a comprehensive, online, course delivery dashboard containing all your course materials and resources.

All course syllabus, student resources & teaching materials are provided plus your graduates will receive a massive and comprehensive practitioner kit to support them in succeeding in their new careers as Meditation Teachers and Holistic Counsellors.

You even get assessment guides and score sheets, to help you assess your students course work. So, no prior training is needed for you to provide high quality service. It's all set up for you.

All of your graduates will receive a full year of Practitioner Support through free membership to the IMTTA to help them set up and succeed in their new careers once they have finished training with you. This adds value to the courses you are offering without costing you any time or money!

It also provides all your graduates with the best possible opportunities for success in achieving their personal and professional goals. 

You will be able to offer face-to-face training in your own state.  License numbers for each state has been limited according to population to ensure each college has maximum potential for success.


As a new training organization, ready to begin operation immediately, this business has no financial history.

On average, Inner-Voyage College takes around $190,000 in enrolment each year and outgoings can be minimal. We can demonstrate the financial potential to genuine enquirers.

On average, a face-to-face college might expect to run a new course every six week and take an average of ten students per course.

Certificate course fees are usually around $1,200 per student. This means you could expect to take around $12,000 in enrolment fees every six weeks. The average certificate course takes one full day a week, for six weeks or two half days/evenings per week for six weeks.

On average, including administration and marketing you could possibly work three days a week and make around $12,000 every six weeks. That is around $2,000 per week. Outgoings are very low, depending on where you hold your classes.

Extra income is also available through the delivery of postgraduate level training courses.

Retreat courses usually take six days to complete the certificate and one day per postgraduate training course.

Naturally we can discuss these things with you in more detail and provide you with support along the way.

Key Points: 

*Your brand-new training organization, has everything required, to start up and begin operating, supplied and waiting to go.
*Ready to take enrollments and generate income almost immediately, in a very lucrative and expanding niche industry.
*Your website will reflect your own training organization with your chosen domain name (provided it is available) and hosted for you.
* Website includes a marketing and information portal with enrolment facilities and pay now options.
* Includes 25 hours of technical support and user training.
* Your IP License includes the right to use the course materials and resources (the IP license must be renewed each year at a fee of A$4,000 plus no more than 10% increase per year- but your training organization, once set up, remains yours permanently). 
* Your training organization can be run from home and you can offer classes anywhere in your state or territory.
* You will have online access to a dashboard containing all your training materials and resources.  
* Ideal for one person or a husband/wife/partner operation.
* Truly ethical business that makes a real contribution to holistic health and wellbeing.
* Absolutely environmentally friendly.
* Assistance, training and support to help you get set up and running your new training organization
* Ongoing training, networking and support available.
* Excellent potential (can be demonstrated) and you get to choose the type of training organization you develop. It can be a small single person business or grow into a large company.
* No previous experience required as all the curriculum, course materials, support and teaching platforms are provided for you. 
* Meditation is gaining massive recognition as a major healing modality through modern scientific research and the demand for well trained teachers and consultants is high and growing.
* All course contents are evidence based, industry accredited and non-sectarian. 
* Great opportunities also exist for large or small enterprises looking to add new revenue streams in holistic training.
* No expensive equipment to purchase. No stock holdings or staff necessary. All you need is a computer with internet connection. You can hire venues to run your courses as you need them.
*16 similar training organizations have been sold in Australia. Six of these IP license holders have recently renewed for the second year and four licensees have just renewed for their third year!
* Verifiable testimonials regarding level of support offered and quality of program are available.

This is a lifestyle business that offers a sense of real purpose and has the immediate potential to generate an excellent income very quickly.

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