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Meditation is becoming much more popular in the wider community


Meditation in the News



Meditation in schools.
Imagine if every child was taught meditation...It would change the World in one generation!






Meditation in Prison.

A natural and powerful process for changing lives.
" What kinds of circumstances have they had to survive to end up in this place in life and do we want to save those lives?"



The Fight or Flight Response Explained


How does Meditation help?



1017 Free Meditation Music Play list


According to The US Department of Health & Human Services, 8% of adults in the USA, used meditation in 2012...That's 18 million people!

Of course it is difficult to get hold of accurate statistics about how many people meditate and how many others are wanting to learn to meditate. With the recent scientific research on the benefits of meditation and the growing exposure meditation (also being called mindfulness) is receiving on popular media, the life affirming and health promoting practice of meditation is beginning to gain the recognition and interest it deserves.