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The following E-books are available in PDF format.
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Games People Play by Eric Berne, MD;

meditation course




The Water Wizard:
The Extraordinary Properties of
Natural Water.




Coping with Stress
and Change
by Iain McCormick PhD




How to Live a Better Life

Learn new habits, improve your skills in Goal Setting, Time Management, avoid procrastination


Dont stress…Your Life is Calling
This fun and fascinating little books teaches you 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to permanently eliminate stress (so you can get on with your life). Includes easy-to-follow checklists and more than a dozen resources and recommendations to get you on the road to stress-free living RIGHT NOW!

The Ancient Yogi’s secret to Writing Powerful Affirmations

How to write powerful positive affirmations that change lives.


All is Mind by David Samuel 

A practical way to sort out conflicts we experience daily. This book is about understanding the human mind and personality. Why do we do what we know is bad for us yet do not do what we know is good. What the basic nature of the mind is, how it came to be in its current condition and howany defects can be corrected for it to function according to its potential rather than sputter through life


As a Man Thinketh 

All new annotated edition of the James Allen classic










Beautiful Calm By Ananga Sivyer. 

This little e-book offers 8 ways to shrug off stress and tension.



Chakras By Miles Tyle

Very detailed information about Chakras.


Learn the Steps to the Dance Called Life 

Simple to follow steps to guide you through life’s challenges, steps to surviving your family, having a happier life, meeting your potential, healing and much more. This is not about dragging you onto the dance floor but getting you to partner the Universe to create an authentic life of abundance


Reengineering Yourself With Dynamic Affirmations

 Use the Magnetic power of words to heal your body, break through fears and attract what you really want in life. Its simple yet Powerful!


A Place Called Zero

An amazing story of a young man bouncing back at life after losing everything after meeting a mysterious teacher. Set in beautiful Vancouver, this is based on a true real life event. Inspiring and enlightening, the story teaches the readers how a lot of miracles can happen when you have reached that proverbial.



Empowerment Through Dynamic Meditation by Ed McDonough
. Discover the power of Dynamic Meditation.



Meditation Training Course by J. Isabelle Cunningham

A free basic meditation course for people wanting to learn and practice meditations that are easy, fun and very effective.