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Dearest Belle

Thank you for your well wishes and ongoing support ❤
I am very excited to see the new website and learn about the new courses!
You are a miracle woman! Always coming up with more amazing tools :-)

Looking forward to another wonderful year as Licensee.


Profits raised through the selling of these Intellectual Property Licensing agreements go directly toward funding the Wild Willow Retreat Project.
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Be part of the solution with this outstanding investment opportunity as the ONLY training organization offering IMTTA course in Canada.

Begin a rewarding career that changes peoples lives and contributes to a better world.

Read about how Meditation Therapy works HERE

Well trained Meditation Teachers and Therapists are in high and increasing demand. Accredited training provides are needed now.

We can help you establish your own internationally accredited Holistic Therapist Online and On-Campus Training Organization...right now.

All set up and ready to begin operation.

Based on our experience, a serious and dedicated person (or couple) could earn a six figure income every year, working from home, choosing your own hours with no office rent, no staff, no equipment other than a computer, in this ethical, purposeful and fast-growing industry. Best of all, helping literally thousands of people live happier and healthier lives.

Through our IMTTA Intellectual Property Licensing Program, we can provide you with everything you need to operate your own profitable and purposeful training organisation (even all the business mentoring and support you will ever need) all set up and ready to start taking enrolments.

You don't need to be an IT expert to run your online training organization. If you can send an email, you can run your own successful training organisation, using our program.

Courses you will be able to offer include:
*Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development
*Diploma in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling Skills
*Advanced Diploma in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling Skills
*IMTTA Masters in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling Skills
* PLUS 16 postgraduate courses

You will be able to offer the comprehensive training courses online through your fully operational college website to students from all over the world and you will be able to offer on-campus training in Canada, if you wish.

Yours will be the only training organization in Canada, able to offer the internationally accredited IMTTA training courses.

Meditation is gaining massive recognition as a major healing modality, through modern scientific research and the demand for well trained teachers and consultants is high and growing. Trainers are needed now.

We love transparency, so we are going to get straight to the point...

The full set-up investment for your new business is $50,475 CAD (ready to go) followed by an annual IP licence fee of $10,095 CAD (that is around ten students per year to pay for your license renewal).

This business package is modeled on the Inner-Voyage College, based in Australia, which has successfully delivered online and on-campus training since 2008. Using the IICT, IMTA and CMA accredited IMTTA Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor Training Courses. 

In 2014 we began selling Intellectual Property Licensing package, so people could use our internationally accredited and evidence based training programs, to run their own Holistic Therapies Colleges. This is important work and the more people sharing it, the better!

There are now 16 of these training organizations in Australia, however, Australian training organizations are only licensed to teach face-to-face (not online). You will be able to offer both!

Six of these IP license holders have recently renewed for the second year and four are now in their third year.

All courses are internationally industry accredited.


Your IMTTA Independent Training Organization Package includes:

We will only be issuing one IMTTA Intellectual Property License in Canada.


Your own professional, mobile, user friendly website with marketing platform and comprehensive online course delivery platform located on your own domain with email addresses.





Includes all course information, enrol now and payment options, to make enrolling in your training organization fast and simple.


We will develop your website, arrange all the royalty free images you want to represent your training organizations style, host your online college for you and take care of any technical problems that might arise. We can even have your logo designed for you, if you wish, for no additional cost.

You get to choose the name for your training organization and we secure the domain name for you (provided it is available). You just need to register your new business name, open a business bank account and start a PayPal account.



Take a look at some of the websites we have created for Australian IP License holders HERE

Check out the Inner-Voyage online college HERE


All internationally accredited and evidence based course syllabus, student resources & teaching materials are provided through your online classrooms.


American spelling used in all USA training course materials.


Current Modalities offered:

*Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development

*Diploma in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling

*Advanced Diploma in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling

*IMTTA Masters in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling 

*16 specialist Postgraduate Certificate training courses
*PLUS 3 new postgraduate training courses every year.




You even get assessment guides (answer and score sheets) to help you assess your students course work. So, no prior training is needed for you to provide a high-quality service.


  It is, literally, all set up for you!


Explore the IMTTA training courses HERE


All your graduates will receive a full year of Practitioner Support through FREE membership to the IMTTA to help them set up and succeed in their new careers, once they have finished training with you.

This adds value to the courses you are offering, without costing you any time or money! It also provides all your graduates with the best possible opportunities for success in achieving their personal and professional goals. 

You will be the only training organization in your state, licensed to provide the IMTTA training courses.

You can attract students from your own state and all over the world, through your online college.




Your graduates will receive a massive and comprehensive practitioner kit to support them in succeeding in their new careers as Meditation Teachers and Holistic Counsellors.




Read what some IMTTA graduates think about this HERE


Includes 50 hours of technical support, mentoring and user training per year. Truly more than you are ever likely to need.

We have made a real success of this program and we want to pass the information on to you.

Some license holders rarely need us, and some have a regular phone meeting with their mentor every week – The level of support you receive will be up to you.



You will be able to have telephone or Skype meeting with the course authors and Directors of the IMTTA to gain information, advice and inspiration to assist you in running and growing your business.


You will also be connected to an active group of people doing exactly what you will be doing, from all over the world, through our exclusive social media page, where you can ask questions, share information and network.


Some messages from current IP Licence holders (College Principals).

Oh Belle,
Thank you so much... you have done so much for me. I don’t think you fully realise how much you have helped my life’s journey. I know it was up to me to change and that when the time is right the teacher appears but what you (now we) offer to people is completely a game changer and I thank you and Kerry for allowing me to be a part of your tribe!! You totally changed my life with your love, kindness and support - I am forever grateful!! 

Thanks Isabelle. This is very exciting and so surreal. This will be amazing Thank you so much for your ongoing support this means a lot to me.

Dearest Belle
Thank you for your well wishes and ongoing support ❤ 
You are a miracle woman! Always coming up with more amazing tools :-) Looking forward to another wonderful year as Licensee.

Dear Isabelle,
Thank you for sending a possible client my way either directly or indirectly via your website.
It’s exciting!



With a strong, established brand, you will have the potential to grow your business nationally and internationally very quickly and will be provided with new, high quality postgraduate courses to up-sell graduates and expand your business, every four months.

As well as having Australian students, Inner-Voyage College regularly takes enrollments from the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Holland, Finland, Asia, India and South Africa. However, research shows that people prefer to enrol in training courses close to home, even when studying completely online, if the course they want is available in their own country. 

You could realistically be making an excellent income and living a wonderful lifestyle in a very rewarding and ethical industry...very soon!

  • Online and on-campus delivery options means you can run this business from anywhere in the world! (Provided you live in Canada).
  • You will be able to offer face-to-face training in Canada and/or attract online students from anywhere throughout the entire world. 
  • Annual licensing fee is just $10,095 CAD per year (plus no more than 10% increase each year to cover new courses - you get 3 new courses a year).
  • Save the time and hassle of setting up your own accredited holistic therapist training organization; writing all of your courses and getting them recognized. We have done all the hard yards for you!
  • Begin trading/generating income immediately.
  • Strong brand & website with online course delivery platform.
  • Provide certificate level, postgraduate, diploma, advanced diploma and Masters level training courses.
  • Receive a new, high quality, postgraduate training course to build your brand and up-sell your graduates, every four months.
  • We review course information regularly to ensure your evidence based training materials are up to the minute with the latest research and we keep your course delivery platforms up to date for you.
  • This is NOT a franchise. You will own your training organization outright and you can sell your business when you want to.
  • Meditation therapy and holistic counselling are among the fastest growing industries in the world.
  • Work in a highly ethical field, helping literally thousands of people live happier, healthier lives.


As a new training organization, ready to begin operation immediately, this business has no financial history of its own.

On average, Inner-Voyage College has taken around $190,000AUS in enrolment each year for the past five years and outgoings can be minimal. We have done this through on-line enrolments alone.

We can demonstrate the financial potential to genuine enquirers.


Key Points: 

*Your brand-new training organization, has everything required, to start up and begin operating, supplied and waiting to go.

*Ready to take enrollments and generate income almost immediately, in a very lucrative and expanding niche industry.

* Your training organization can be run from home or relocated to any destination in Canada.

* Ideal for single or husband/wife/partner operation.

* Truly ethical business that makes a real contribution to holistic health and wellbeing.

* Absolutely environmentally friendly.

* Assistance, training and support to help you get set up and running your new training organization.

* Excellent potential (can be demonstrated) and you get to choose the type of training organization you develop. It can be a small single person, boutique business or grow into a large global company.

* No previous experience required as all the curriculum, course materials and teaching platforms are provided for you. 

* All course contents are evidence based and non-sectarian (not of a religious nature - non-denominational).

* No expensive equipment to purchase. No stock holdings or staff necessary. All you need is a computer with internet connection.

* You can offer online courses as well as on campus training, significantly increasing their growth and income potential. 

* Listing on the IMTTA course providers directory to help guide potential students to your training organization.

* A full FREE year of practitioner membership for all of your graduates (including business mentoring, peer networking, directory listing and huge kit of resources) to help them succeed and add value to your courses.

* Connection to, and networking with, other training providers from all over the world through our exclusive social media page.

*Access to our exclusive Training Providers resource dashboard.

This is a lifestyle business that offers a sense of real purpose and has the immediate potential to generate an excellent income very quickly.

Profits raised through the selling of these Intellectual Property Licensing agreements go directly toward funding the Wild Willow Retreat Project.
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