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Some message from current IP Licence holders (College Principals).


Oh Belle,
Thank you so much... you have done so much for me. I don’t think you fully realise how much you have helped my life’s journey. I know it was up to me to change and that when the time is right the teacher appears but what you (now we) offer to people is completely a game changer and I thank you and Kerry for allowing me to be a part of your tribe!! You totally changed my life with your love, kindness and support - I am forever grateful!! 

(That one made me tear up a little!)


Thanks Isabelle. This is very exciting and so surreal. This will be amazing Thank you so much for your ongoing support this means a lot to me.


Dearest Belle
Thank you for your well wishes and ongoing support ❤
I am very excited to see the new website and learn about the new courses! You are a miracle woman! Always coming up with more amazing tools :-) Looking forward to another wonderful year as Licensee.