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Careers for IMTTA graduates

The IMTTA program is available through several colleges world wide and has been designed to provide a fully supported career path for people who wish to follow their passion for healing and develop their own holistic wellbeing practices.

The training courses provide intensive and very practical knowledge and encourages the development of each student’s previous professional and life experience along with their innate abilities as natural healers.

Self-empowerment is the keystone with IMTTA training courses. We believe that real healing and personal growth can only occur when people are provided with the knowledge, tools and encouragement they need to heal themselves. Therefore, all of the modalities we teach are self-empowering therapies where practitioners teach their students and clients how to make the changes required for better health and more happiness, for themselves.

These modalities include Meditation, which now has strong scientific evidence to support the enormous healing potential of regular practice. We also teach Chair Yoga, Trigger Point Therapy, Holistic Counselling and Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Therapy. All powerful therapies that once learned, can be applied by every person, on and for themselves regardless of age, sex, cultural or socioeconomic background, religious or spiritual path, lifestyle or present state of health. Whenever needed, wherever they are and without cost or the need for another person to facilitate their healing.

Truly self-empowering modalities where we, as holistic practitioners, are in fact teachers, providing skills and tools that our clients can take forward in life to use for themselves to improve every aspect of their lives.

Some IMTTA graduates choose to seek employment with a  variety of organizations from holistic healthcare centres to recreation facilities and work as Chair Yoga Instructors, Meditation teachers, Stress Management Consultants and Holistic Counsellors.

The vast majority choose to set up and run their own Holistic Wellbeing Practices and these practices are as diverse as the individuals who run them.

Some choose to open Meditation Schools and run a variety of meditation classes that appeal to a broad cross section of the community. They may incorporate Holistic Counselling sessions and Corporate Stress Management workshops. They may also run specialized classes for particular groups (like prenatal or children’s meditation classes).

Some practitioners have a particular area of interest like working with young people, or women in transition, or people suffering from panic and depression.

They may be drawn to work with people who are working at managing chronic pain or seeking to heal from illness and disease. The possibilities are endless and every IMTTA graduate is encouraged to develop the holistic practice they feel drawn to and passionate about.

The IMTTA registration (which is included free in your course fees for the first year) is a valuable tool that provides graduates with unlimited support and guidance in setting up and managing their own holistic wellbeing practice.

Our practitioner manager is available via email and telephone to provide information and encouragement whenever our members need it. This could be brainstorming ways to attract more students and clients to their practice and increase their income. It could be discussing strategies for supporting the practitioners own students or clients or it could be debriefing after a particularly difficult class or session.

We know our practitioner members. We listen to what they need and we love to share their enthusiasm and their success with them. We connect with them daily through our practitioners social media group and send them monthly newsletters. We organize group marketing activities like advertising campaigns and expos to make promoting themselves on a bigger scale much more affordable. We even provide them with all the templates for the materials they need to run their businesses from marketing materials through to student handouts, disclaimers and booking forms, class plans and guide booklets.

So, while our practitioner are working for themselves, with all the benefits of self-employment, free to choose the career paths and lifestyles they want, they are never alone.