Meditation class

meditation teacher training

Your Graduates will be able to establish careers as:
*Meditation Teachers
*Meditation Therapists
*Chair Yoga Instructors -
*Holistic Counsellors
*Brain Body Medicine Consultants
*Stress Management Consultants
*Blissful Birthing Coaches
*Holistic Weight Management Consultants
*Pain Management Coaches
*Depression and Anxiety Management Coaches

They will be able to set up and run their own holistic practices or seek employment in established holistic wellbeing centres.

They will also be able to apply for full membership with the IICT, IMTA, HHAI and the CMA and get professional insurance.

We even a provide a complete practitioner starter kit, containing all the class plans, marketing templates and other resources they need to get started.



























Open your own Meditation Teacher & Holistic Therapist Training College

Meditation Teacher Training College For Sale


Open you own IMTTA accredited Holistic Therapist Training College.

We have colleges ready to purchase and start taking enrollments available in these localities...

* Brisbane
*Gold Coast
*Byron Shire
*South Australia
* Western Australia


The UK

New Zealand


meditation teacher

Below is a segment that appeared on WIN News, featuring one of our happy (and well on the way to highly successful) college owners.


In case you missed all the fuss last night, here we are!!

Posted by Mindbodyfood with Viki Thondley on Friday, 8 January 2016

meditation teacher

Millions of people all over the world practice meditation
and millions more are wanting to begin.
Professionally trained Meditation Teacher
and Holistic Counsellors are in high demand.

A message from a graduate of this training course:

" Hi Isabelle,
I would like to say thank you for putting together such a wonderful, detailed, helpful course. You are talented and inspiring. This course is a life changing experience not only for the students but for the endless amount of people whose lives will be dramatically improved through the teachings learned and shared. Warmest wishes and Gratitude. Sammy"

Read more testimonials from course graduates HERE

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