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This association supports organizations that provide high standards in training for meditation teachers World wide.

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IMTTA is made up of people who believe that meditation is...

It has been used by Healers, Shaman, Gurus, Priests and Priestesses as far back as history can determine to heal, promote wellbeing and in the pursuit of self-actualization. Over the past thirty years science has explored and provided medical evidence which confirms, the regular practice of meditation causes changes in the human brain and the body’s cells. These changes have been proven to have remarkable healing benefits and can even cure disease.

Meditation is a natural, safe, simple practice that must be handed on to each new generation and offered in ways that are free from religious, cultural or political indoctrination.

The practice of meditation allows people to truly know themselves; to obtain mastery over their minds; to self-heal both physically and emotionally; to develop compassion and truly know peace; to connect with their higher selves (or the creator, God, the Universe) and to connect with nature.

A person who has truly met themselves can never again cause harm to another. The more people who are guided to discover how the regular practice of meditation benefits their lives, the sooner our world we be the peaceful, compassionate and love based place, we know it can be.

We are committed to providing the World with well educated, ethical and highly professional meditation instructors and meditation therapists.

We are dedicated to supplying high quality, evidence based, well balanced, professional training and support to establish rewarding careers for those people whose passion is in teaching and healing through meditation.

We are nondenominational, non-sectarian and desire to connect with and share our work with all people who would seek a happier, healthier life and a better World, regardless of race, culture, religion, age, sex or socio-economic background.

Together we can make the difference...the time is now.




“Be the change!”

Researchers have collated the results of co-ordinated and group meditations and have extrapolated those results to posit a theoretical formula for the number of participants required to effect change in the wider population.

This theory is known as the square root of 1%. In effect the theory supported by research posits the number of meditators required to change the overall mental proclivities of the whole population as being the square root of 1% of the population.

In Australia this equates to approximately 500 meditators participating in synchronized focused meditation and world-wide the figure equates to about 85,000 individuals.

Be the change... please join in the global meditation for peace; beginning at noon each day devote a moment, or an hour, to meditating upon peace.

Visualize peace, peace for our children everywhere.

Create an affirmation/mantra: "I am at Peace, I manifest Peace, May all know Peace within"

Draw, paint, photograph peace.

Let others know they can join in too!

We, as one, will create a Peace Wave sweeping this earth at noon, over all places, every day. Peace will prevail. _/\_

Posted by Scientists for peace on Monday, 4 January 2016